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Expectations for Hospital Tutors

  • 1-2 hours per week commitment at the Hospital
  • Only 2 absences per semester for any reason
  • If >2 absences, OEC directors reserve the right to dismiss a tutor
Reporting Absences
General Expectations
  • Always wear your M-Card while in the hospital (it should be placed above hip length)
  • For Winter 2020 it is expected that all returning hospital tutors begin tutoring the week of January 13th 
  • Always be in contact with the OEC board if you can questions or concerns
  • You must attend a hospital information session to be eligible to apply for winter 2020 (if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent that please contact the OEC board)
OEC Hospital Information Session PowerPoints
The session for returning hospital tutors link HERE
The session for community tutors interested in hospital tutoring link HERE

OEC Active Tutors

OEC Active Tutor Requirements
  • Actively tutor at a site & receive positive site feedback
  • Attend a mandatory learning session
  • Attend at least one monthly meeting
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