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Community Virtual Volunteering Updates

This semester, we are partnering with 826 Michigan to continue providing after school tutoring assistance for students in the Ann Arbor Area virtually, via Zoom. You can read more about their program here! Additionally, Peace Neighborhood Center has resumed in-person tutoring for this fall semester.


Hospital Virtual Volunteering Updates

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in our virtual tutoring program over the summer. OEC in partnership with Michigan Medicine is offering free tutoring to the children of UMHS employees. We are continuing this program and expanding our tutoring capacity for the fall.Scheduling is flexible because tutors will develop their own schedule including the day of the week and time with each family, but cannot exceed 3 hr/week per child.

Black Lives Matter: 

Opportunities to Educate Children stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movements and condemns the senseless acts of violence against black communities by law enforcement officers. The murders of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Elijah McClain, and countless others are deeply saddening and demonstrate how widespread racialized violence and injustice spread throughout this country. These murders, as well as other acts of violence against black communities, weigh heavily on the OEC board, the tutors, and communities in which we work alongside. OEC is an organization that emphasizes reducing social inequalities and using education as a tool for growth. With this being said, we have a responsibility to create spaces for open dialogue about police brutality and anti-racist work. We are including links to anti-racism articles in our educational resources tab. In addition, the board members encourage tutors and community members to reach out to us if you're in need of a space for dialogue, reflection, or support. We are here to provide a safe environment for those connected with OEC to deal with current events however it is needed. We look forward to working together with every member of our community to advance racial equity.

OEC News and Events

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